CBD Regulations
Helping you become regulated

Are you part of the UK's Growing Cannabis Industry? If so, you will need to know these rules & regulations before setting up.

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Built for compliance

CBD Regulations was set-up to help regulate and maintain compliance within a brilliant industry.

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Created for ease

We have designed this website to be easy to use, for both business owners and customers.

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Minimising jargon

Not everyone understands technical terms, we're trying to reduce the use of jargon

A useful resource
created for

We have created CBD Regulations to help maintain legitimate compliance between Cannabidiol retailers & wholesalers, leave your contact details to receive regular updates.

MHRA Regulations

FSA & Novel Foods

Jargon understanding

THC Requirements


Working alongside other
retailers & wholesalers.

Our aim is to provide factual information, there are many CBD companies that aren't aware of the regulations putting themselves & yourself at risk.

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Comitted to an outstanding industry

We have directly been part since 2018, our partners even longer going back to 2016.

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Deep understanding of the regulations

We've established a great understanding of regulations like the MHRA & FSA Novel Foods.



Stay focused on your business.
While maintaining regulation.

Your business is important, so is the industry. Maintaining regulation promotes rich-growth of the industry ensuring govermental organisations become aware of the benefits of CBD & Hemp Products.





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